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  1. To enroll in the University as a nondegree student, a person who has not been academically suspended or dismissed must complete an Undergraduate Nondegree Enrollment Form.
  2. Nondegree students may enroll in any number of credits, not to exceed the typical semester load of a full-time student if:
    1. The student has completed the prerequisites for the courses to be scheduled or has the permission of the instructor to schedule the class
    2. Space is available after the degree candidates have been accommodated
    3. The student has not been suspended for nonacademic reasons at any accredited college or university
  3. Nondegree students who interrupt their enrollment by missing a fall or spring semester and who wish to return to the University must complete an Undergraduate Nondegree Enrollment Form. Once the form is processed, the student may register
  4. Nondegree enrollment at University Park is limited to students who meet one of the following:
    1. permanent residence within Centre County;
    2. currently attending, or a graduate of, a secondary school within Centre County; or
    3. have received a high school diploma or its equivalent a minimum of one year prior to requesting enrollment.

Senate Policy: 14-00, Nondegree Student Classification and Course Enrollment

Approved: ACUI (11-16-78)
Revised: ACUI (3-10-83)
Effective: Fall Semester 1983
Revised: ACUE (7-26-96)
Revised: Editorial (11-1-07)
Revised: ACUE (1-7-10)
Revised: ACUE (9-4-14)
Revised: ACUE (6-4-15); Effective Fall 2016

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