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Senate Policy 32-10 establishes the University Advising Council and outlines its duties.

The University Advising Council (UAC) functions as an arm of the University Faculty Senate and as a committee of the Administrative Council for Undergraduate Education (ACUE). The UAC addresses advising matters that are directed to the Council by the University Faculty Senate, ACUE, and the Office of Undergraduate Education and makes recommendations concerning advising policies, procedures, and issues. On occasion, the UAC may initiate recommendations concerning advising for consideration by the University Faculty Senate and/or ACUE.


  1. The University Advising Council meets at least four times per academic year.
  2. Membership is specified by Senate Policy 32-10; additional members may be appointed as appropriate, including representatives of college advising centers. To ensure continuity, membership is maintained on a rotating basis. Membership terms are for a minimum of two academic years.
  3. The University Advising Council maintains a website at http://advising.psu.edu/uac.

Senate Policy:  32-10, The University's Advising Program

Approved: ACUE (6-3-10)