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A student interested in receiving credit as recommended in The National Guide to Educational Credit for Training Programs published by the American Council on Education must submit to the Undergraduate Admissions Office a Request for Evaluation of Extrainstitutional Training Programs. In addition, an official record of successful completion of the program of course(s) must be sent directly to the American Council on Education's Registry of Credit Recommendations. Students should register successful course completion in the Registry. The form requesting evaluation for credit may be obtained from the admissions office. The Director of Admissions is responsible for adding the appropriate credit to the student's academic record. (Ref: Senate Policy 42-99)

Credit(s) will be posted to the student's record but will not appear on the student's official transcript until the student has completed a credit-bearing course at Penn State.

Senate Policy:  42-99, Educational Credit for Training Programs in Noncollegiate Organizations

Approved: ACUE (7-26-96)
Approved: ACUE (3-14-13)