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A student who has been dropped from the University because of unsatisfactory scholarship is placed in nondegree conditional status. While in this enrollment status, the student may choose to enroll, with restrictions, to improve their grade point average with the goal of being reinstated. A student pursuing this goal should consult with the designated college representative to be advised about the specific conditions for reinstatement and course selection. This consultation should begin early to insure that the student is registering for appropriate courses while in a nondegree conditional status.

A student is eligible to request reinstatement if the following criteria are met:

  1. At least one-half of the grade point deficiencies accumulated at the time of the drop action have since been eliminated.
  2. The grade point deficiency has been reduced below the point at which the student would be subject to drop action again.
  3. Any additional requirements specified by the sponsoring college, such as stricter grade point deficiency reduction or attainment of a cumulative grade point average consistent with entrance to college and major standards in effect at the time of reinstatement.

Former students wishing to request reinstatement must complete a reinstatement application available at any campus Registrar’s office or on the Web at www.registrar.psu.edu. The completed form and the non-refundable reinstatement application fee are to be returned to the Registrar’s office at the campus where the student wishes to enroll. The campus registrar will record the request on screen ARUSBR and deposit the application fee following approved cash handling procedures. The college will be electronically notified of the student’s reinstatement request. 

The college representative will review the student’s academic record in accordance with the established college requirements. This review will result in one of the following actions, which the college will record on screen ARUSBR:

  1. If the reinstatement standards have been met, the college dean approves the request. This action will notify the University Registrar, who will notify the student of the approval. During the approval process the college will identify the campus where the student will enroll. The default will be the student’s previous campus. Other campuses may be approved provided that the student’s reinstated major is offered at the campus.
  2. The college representative may delay the reinstatement decision until grades have been issued for in-progress courses. The college is responsible for notifying the student of this pending decision. 
  3. If the student has not met the reinstatement standards, the college is responsible for notifying the student of the reason for the denial.
  4. The college may deny the reinstatement request and refer the student to the Division of Undergraduate Studies for reinstatement consideration. The college is responsible for notifying the student of this referral decision. DUS will be electronically notified of this referral.

Senate Policy:  54-80, Reinstatement

Approved: ACUI (9-15-77)
Revised: ACUI (5-5-83)
Revised: ACAS (5-8-87)
Revised: ACUE (8-4-05)