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Former students and students returning from academic suspension via AAPP I-1 who wish to re-enroll as a degree candidate must complete a re-enrollment request form available at any campus Registrar’s office or on the Web at www.registrar.psu.edu. The completed form and the non-refundable re-enrollment application fee are to be returned to the Registrar’s office at the campus where the student wishes to enroll. To allow sufficient time for processing and the development of a plan of study, it is highly recommended that all re-enrollment forms be submitted at least two weeks prior the start of classes. Students should review and adhere to any college/ enrollment unit specific time requirements for re-enrollment.

The campus Registrar will record the re-enrollment request and forward the request to the appropriate college or DUS for further consideration.

The college or DUS review will include an advising conversation with the student that identifies appropriateness of goals, including fit of major and ability to meet entrance requirements. Discussion of these pieces will help students select and formulate realistic and successful academic plans. After the conversation is completed, the college or DUS will notify the Registrar’s office of its decision. The Registrar’s Office will record the decision in the student information system and notify the student of the decision.

If re-enrollment is denied, then the student is expected to meet with their assigned academic adviser to discuss future academic goals and strategies (e.g. re-enrollment request into a different college; re-enrollment request into a different major; academic renewal; enrollment in a different institution, etc.). If re-enrollment is approved, then students are expected to meet with their assigned academic adviser or appropriate advising center personnel to plan a course of study before registration. Re-enrolled students must also obtain academic information from their college regarding program requirements and future entrance to major.

Following the processes and policies including AAPP I-1 and N-2, colleges/enrollment units may place a registration hold after the re-enrollment request has been approved to ensure that proper advising recommendations occur. A registration hold will prevent the student from registering for courses but will not impede the re-enrollment process.

The re-enrollment process allows a student to request a campus other than the campus of last enrollment. All requested changes to a campus other than the campus of last enrollment automatically result in a Dean’s review.

A former Penn State student who has attended another accredited college or university must arrange to have a transcript sent to the Undergraduate Admissions Office. The external transcript will be evaluated and appropriate credits will be added to the Penn State record.

Special accommodations are extended to adult learners. An adult learner who wants to return to the University after a period of non-enrollment or withdrew from the last enrolled semester, must complete the Returning Adult Learner Form, if all of the following criteria apply:

  1. The period of non-enrollment has been less than three years, and;
  2. The student is seeking entrance to a major in which they were previously enrolled, and;
  3. The major has been authorized by the academic college to be eligible for this accommodation. Those programs that have been authorized are on the Web at www.registrar.psu.edu.

If an adult learner is seeking re-enrollment into a different major, the normal rules of re-enrollment apply.

Senate Policy:  58-50, Conditions for Re-enrollment as a Degree Candidate

Undergraduate Advising Handbook: Re-Enrollment Exception for Adult Learners

Approved: ACUI (11-16-78)
Revised: ACUE (7-30-97)
Revised: ACUE (8-4-05)
Revised: ACUE (6-4-15); Effective Fall 2016
Revised: Editorial (4-6-17)
Revised: ACUE (10/5/17)