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Academic renewal is an academic forgiveness policy. If the request for academic renewal is approved, the student’s cumulative grade point average starts over.

Students initiate a request for academic renewal by contacting their campus Registrar. The campus Registrar reviews the student’s academic record in accordance with the provisions stipulated by Senate policy 58-60. If the student is eligible for Academic Renewal, the campus Registrar will record the request on screen ARUSBN for review by the appropriate college. The campus Registrar notifies the student of the decision regarding academic renewal.

Retroactive requests for Academic Renewals are permitted providing that the stipulations identified by Senate policy 58-60 are upheld.

Senate Policy:  58-60, Academic Renewal

Approved: ACUI (10-25-84)
Revised: ACUE (10-3-96)
Revised: ACUE (8-4-05)
Revised: ACUE (5-5-07)
Revised: ACUE (9-4-14)