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In the event that a disciplinary sanction is placed on a student who is graduating at the end of the current semester, the Student Conduct Director has the authority to prevent the student from graduating and from receiving a diploma at the end of that semester. Depending on the sanction, the student might receive an indefinite suspension or expulsion and never be permitted to graduate; or the graduation might be delayed for a specific separation period or until the conditions of the indefinite suspension are met.

The Office of Student Conduct will notify the Registrar’s Office and the College of a decision to place a hold on the conferral of a degree for disciplinary reasons. Student Conduct will take appropriate action to record the sanctions on internal working documents and on the student’s transcript, and the Registrar’s Office will remove the graduation approval indicator on ISIS before the Degree Conferred message procedure is scheduled to run.

The Office of Student Conduct will also inform the student of the sanction in the disciplinary action letter.

The Office of Student Conduct will be responsible for tracking students whose graduations were delayed for disciplinary reasons. When the suspension ends, Student Conduct will remove the transcript notations and notify the student, the College and the Registrar’s Office. The student is then permitted to re-enroll for graduation and the standard graduation check-out/approval process will occur. Assuming that the College approves the student for graduation, the degree will be conferred at the end of the semester in which the student re-enrolls.

If the suspension occurs after the degree is conferred, the Registrar will immediately delete the degree conferral information from the transcript until the suspension period ends. The Registrar will also request the student to return the diploma until the suspension period expires.

Approved: ACUE (6-3-10)
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