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Procedure: Approval

  1. A student completes the Application for Approval of Concurrent Majors form with assistance from an adviser in each major.  (For Sequential Majors, see #5 below.)
  2. The deadline for filing for a concurrent degree is the end of the late drop period of a student's final semester.
  3. Approval of each department head and college dean involved is required.
  4. When approval for the Concurrent Majors Program is granted, the dean of the college in which the new major is located will reproduce and distribute copies of the approved form as follows: 1 copy to each college dean; 1 copy to the Registrar's office; and 1 copy to the student.
  5. Approval for a sequential major is granted with the approval for re-enrollment in that major.

Procedure: Cancellation

  1. Students wishing to cancel an approved concurrent major must inform, in writing, the college dean of the cancelled major.
  2. When a student cancels an approved concurrent major, the dean of the college will notify the other concurrent colleges and the Registrar's office.

Advising Responsibility:

  1. The student will have access to an adviser in each major. 
  2. The student is responsible for consulting with all advisers to see that all requirements for all majors are met.
  3. For a sequential major, the student and adviser should develop a list of courses required to complete the new major and in addition, show how the courses from the first major will be used.

Senate Policy:  60-00, Completing More Than One Undergraduate Major Program (Concurrent Majors and Sequential Majors)

Undergraduate Advising Handbook: Concurrent Majors Program

Approved: ACUI (5-27-76)
Revised: ACUE (9-26-96)
Revised:  ACUE (5-1-03)
Revised:  Editorial (6-2-03)
Revised:  ACUE (12-1-11)
Revised:  ACUE (4-5-12)