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Policy: Coordinated Courses

  1. Coordinated Courses include combinations of two or three courses where the instructors have agreed to coordinate the presentations, assignments and discussions in their respective sections in order that students jointly enrolled may better appreciate the distinctions and interrelationships of topics included in the courses. The joint courses may be offered by the same or different departments or colleges. Students enrolled in any one section of a particular Coordinated Courses Program must also be enrolled in the appropriate sections of all courses included in that program. (Students may register for additional courses not included in this program as their schedules permit.)
  2. Requests for joint scheduling of course sections are submitted as a unit to the Vice Provost for Enrollment Management and Administration. Where feasible, the Registrar will honor requests to schedule sections in sequential time periods in common classrooms. These programs will be listed in separate sections of the Schedule of Courses.
  3. Faculty and departments will evaluate a program's offerings in a similar manner to that utilized in the evaluation of their regular course offerings.
  4. Programs are staffed with regular departmental faculty and are supported by regular college and departmental resources.

Integrated Studies

  1. Integrated Studies include a combination of courses within a semester representing a full academic load for a student of fifteen or more credits where the content and presentation of courses are integrated around a unifying problem or theme. The courses may be offered from several departments and may include regular departmental courses or experimental courses. The basic objective of each Integrated Studies Program is to offer a group of students a unified learning experience within a semester that integrates across otherwise independent courses.

    To participate in a particular Integrated Studies Program, a student enrolls in a full set of courses included in that program. One participating faculty member in each program shall be designated faculty coordinator for that program.

  2. See #2 under Coordinated Courses.
  3. Academic evaluation of a program will be conducted by participating faculty and departments under the coordination of the faculty coordinator. Evaluation reports for a program are distributed to each participating department head and to the appropriate college deans.
  4. See #4 under Coordinated Courses.

Endorsed: ACUI (2-6-75)
Approved: Provost Larson (2-24-75)
Revised: ACUI (5-19-83)
Revised: ACUE (9-26-96)