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  1. The cut-off grade point averages for the Cum Laude, Magna cum Laude, and Summa cum Laude categories will be determined annually by the University Registrar for each college based on the previous year's graduates in a college.
  2. A student's distinction level is determined based on the final cumulative grade point average in the semester in which the student's degree is conferred.  Preliminary distinction (based on the cumulative grade point average as of the semester prior to degree conferral) may be acknowledged at the commencement ceremony.  If such acknowledgement is accomplished by a notation in the printed commencement program, the following statement must be included in the program:

    "Subject to completion of all degree requirements and satisfaction of minimum criteria, distinction may be conferred as indicated upon the individuals listed herein and upon such others as may meet the requirements."

    If preliminary distinction is announced at the ceremony, then the students should be referred to as "candidates for distinction."

  3. Colleges having a small number of graduates will be handled on an individual basis through consultation between the University Registrar and the college.

Senate Policy:  88-30, Graduation with Distinction

Approved: ACUI (1-6-83)
Revised: ACUE (10-6-11)
Revised: ACUE Editorial (1-23-2017)