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The University Faculty Senate Committee on Curricular Affairs, in consultation with the University Editor, has reviewed the use of titles and descriptions of baccalaureate and associate degree programs in advising, recruiting or advertising publications.

It is the position of the Committee that advising, recruiting or advertising publications for an academic program should use only program labels or titles that are official as approved by the University Faculty Senate Committee Curricular Affairs. These approved labels or titles are to be consistent with the categories of program definitions as adopted by legislative action of the University Faculty Senate. The prose used to describe an academic program can make general references to types of courses that can be include in the program of study and to possible post-graduation opportunities that may be available to students who successfully complete the program. No statements should be included that lend themselves to an interpretation that the University promises students specific career outcomes. (Ref: Senate Agenda, Appendix E. 5-5-81)

Approved: Senate (5-5-81)