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Students are limited to attempt any given course a maximum of three times. Attempts are defined as earning a grade in a class or late-dropping the class. If a student has withdrawn from the university, this will not count as one of the three attempts.

However, there may be extenuating circumstances in which one additional attempt of a course can be requested. To determine whether a fourth attempt will be granted, a student must:

  1. Prior to the first day that a student may register for the next semester or as soon as a student is aware of the need for a fourth attempt, a student who wants to attempt a course for the fourth time must consult with an academic adviser in the student’s unit of enrollment to determine whether or not one additional attempt at the course is in the best interest of the student. The student must identify the reasons why the three previous attempts have been unsuccessful and reflect on how these past challenges will be addressed in a fourth attempt. The student may provide documentation that supports a fourth attempt.
  2. If, after consulting with the academic adviser, the student wishes to request a fourth attempt, the student must submit an Additional Course Attempt Request form to the academic adviser. The Additional Course Attempt Request form must be submitted at least 3 business days prior to the first day of classes of the semester for which the student wants to enroll.
  3. The academic adviser is responsible for ensuring that the request is submitted to the associate dean in the student’s unit of enrollment. In addition, the adviser should indicate on whether or not there is academic support for a fourth attempt.
  4. The associate dean will review the student’s request and advisor’s comments to determine whether another attempt of the course will be approved. If approved, the associate dean forwards the Additional Course Attempt Request to the campus Registrar who will enroll the student. The Registrar will enroll students for a fourth attempt only after all other students who are degree candidates have had a chance to enroll (i.e., after the first day of registration for degree-seeking students who have completed 0.0 credits).
  5. If the request is approved but the campus Registrar determines that there is not sufficient enrollment capacity in the semester requested, the campus Registrar will place the student on the waitlist for the course, if available, and notify the student. The student should be informed that enrollment in future semesters will require submission of a new Additional Course Attempt Request form, will depend on enrollment capacity in future semesters, and that the decision to continue with an additional attempt may result in slower progress towards the completion of the degree. The student should be encouraged to meet with an academic adviser to discuss alternate academic plans.
  6. If there is not academic support for a fourth attempt the request to repeat the course will be denied and no further requests will be considered. The associate dean or designee must provide written notification within 72 hours to the student that the request has been denied and the student should be encouraged to meet with an academic adviser to discuss alternate academic plans.

Senate Policy:  47-80, Repeating Courses

Approved: ACUE (10-6-16)
Revised: ACUE (3-2-17)