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Students can enter a major once they have gained third semester standing, have a 2.0 or higher cumulative grade point average and met all other entrance requirements. Some majors may have more restrictive academic requirements approved by the Faculty Senate or administrative controls approved by the Central Enrollment Management Group.

The Registrar’s office, on behalf of the college, will notify each student when they have gained third semester classification. This notification will:

  1. Instruct students that they meet minimum eligibility requirements for some majors.
  2. Provide embedded links to published entrance requirements for each major and a link to the system where students can request to enter a major.

Selection of Students into a Major and Notification to Students

  1. The change of major decision will be determined by the approved criteria.
  2. Students who have successfully completed all requirements for the requested major are to be informed through student self-service when they have been granted entrance to that major.
  3. Students currently enrolled in entrance-to-major courses are to be informed that they will be granted conditional entrance to the major for the upcoming semester. Students must successfully complete the entrance requirements and maintain GPA requirements in order to make the change permanent. Students who do not successfully complete entrance requirements or maintain GPA requirements will be changed back to DUS or the college/major of their prior enrollment. The unit will be informed when students are changed back and should provide appropriate advising regarding possible goals.
  4. All students who are declared ineligible for their requested majors will be informed as to why they were denied entrance. Should a student become eligible within the established credit parameters, the student may reapply at that point in time. The notification will also include a referral to an appropriate advising center.
  5. Entrance to controlled majors is determined according to policy P-5. In accordance with the policy, eligible students with the approved grade-point average and other entrance-to-major requirements are guaranteed entrance to controlled majors.
  6. The Registrar's office will provide appropriate support services to all of the colleges.

Entrance to Major Outside of This Process

The college dean has the authority to allow a student to enter a major outside of the change of major process. Such approvals are entered using the administrative change of major system which will update the system of record.

Note: Students who have completed a baccalaureate or associate degree program and enter into another undergraduate degree program must use the re-enrollment process in accordance with policy K-1.

Senate Policy:  37-30, Entrance to and Changes in Major Programs of Study

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