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A student interested in receiving credit for one or more of these exams (Advanced Placement, College Level Examination Program, DANTES Subject Standardized Test, International Baccalaureate, and foreign secondary schooling) should arrange for an official score report to be sent from the testing organization or administering authority to the Undergraduate Admissions Office so that credit may be awarded upon discipline faculty review. If credit is awarded, a student's University record carries notation of credit, but no grade is recorded. Credit acquired in this manner does not affect a student's grade point average at this University.

The credit awarded for national and international standardized examinations is available from the Undergraduate Admissions Office and may also appear in the Baccalaureate Degree Programs Bulletin.

Senate Policy:  42-92, Advanced Placement Program of the College Board

Senate Policy: 42-94, College-Level Examination Program of the College Board

Senate Policy: 42-96, International Secondary Schooling and International Baccalaureate Program

Senate Policy 42-98 Educational Experiences in the Armed Services

Approved: ACUI (4-29-76)
Revised: ACUE (7-26-96)
Revised: ACUE (3-14-13)
Approved: ACUE (10-1-2020)