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In accordance with Senate Policy 44-30, the times and places for evening examinations are determined by the Registrar's office at each campus. The evening examinations schedule is based on requests submitted by the department heads at the call of the Registrar's office. Academic departments will be provided with a detailed schedule of evening examinations prior to the end of the first week of the semester.

At University Park, the evening examinations will be scheduled in one of the following periods:

Students seeking assistance in resolving conflicts should contact the associate dean of the college offering the course at University Park or the associate dean or director for academic affairs at the Commonwealth campuses.

Senate Policy:  44-30, Non-Final Examinations and Evening Examinations

Approved: ACUI (5-6-85)
Revised: ACUE (7-26-96)
Revised: Editorial (11-3-16)
Revised: ACUE (1-3-19)