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Academic Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual

The Academic Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual (AAPPM) provides guidance on the implementation of Senate and University policies and procedures concerning undergraduate education at Penn State. 

The Administrative Council on Undergraduate Education (ACUE) is responsible for the design of academic and administrative policies and procedures that support the University's undergraduate education goals and objectives.  Within the framework of Senate and University policies, ACUE formulates the formal implementation that guides the offering, delivery, and assessment of academic programs and learning opportunities, the admission and enrollment of undergraduate students, and other related matters.

ACUE is the principal administrative advisory agency to the President, Executive Vice President and Provost, Vice President and Dean for Undergraduate Education, and the academic deans of the colleges, Outreach, and the University Libraries on administrative matters that impact undergraduate education across the University. 

Recent Policy and Procedure Changes

Policies and Procedures go into effect upon approval by ACUE. Any exceptions to this will be noted at the bottom of the policy, after the approval date.

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Recently policy and procedure changes
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P-6: Special Titling of Common Courses Editorial Revision 8-4-22 Senate Policy: 171-3- Common Course Numbers
C-5: Enforcement of Recommended Preparation and Prerequisite, Concurrent, Co-Requisite Courses Policy Revision 4-7-22

Senate Policy:  34-58, Course Availability
Senate Policy:  34-60, Prerequisites and Concurrent Courses

E-10: Credit by Portfolio Assessment Policy Revision 3-3-22 Senate Policy:  42-97, Credit by Portfolio Assessment
E-2: Credit by Examination Policy Revision 3-3-22

Senate Policy:  42-50.1, Credit by Examination

J-1: Withdrawal Policy Revision 3-3-22

Senate Policy:  56-30, Withdrawal

C-2: Undergraduate Registration Policy Revision 2-8-22

Senate Policy:  34-20, Registration
Senate Policy:  34-81, Enrollment
Senate Policy:  34-87, Course Add
Senate Policy:  34-89, Course Drop

J-3: Military leave of Absence, Withdrawal, and Late Drop New Policy 1-6-22 Senate Policy:  56-70, Leave of Absence
J-2: Leave of Absence Policy Revision 1-6-22 Senate Policy:  56-70, Leave of Absence
P-10: Digital Learning Cooperative Policy Revision 1-6-22
N-5: Enrollment Status Policy Revision 11-4-21
G-9: Academic Integrity Policy Revision 10-7-21

Senate Policy:  49-20, Academic Integrity

G-10: Grade Mediation and Adjudication Policy Revision 8-5-2021 Senate Policy: 47-20, Basis for Grades
P-2: Changes in Undergraduate Programs/Majors, Options, IUGs, and Minors Policy Revision 7-1-2021  
M-3: Concurrent and Sequential Majors Programs Policy Revision 7-1-2021

Senate Policy:  60-00, Completing More Than One Undergraduate Major Program (Concurrent Majors and Sequential Majors)

Senate Policy: 58-00 Re-enrollment as a Degree Candidate

N-6: Last Date of Academically-Related Activity Policy Revision 7-1-2021  
N-4: Certification of Degree Conferral Policy Revision 5-6-2021  
E-11: Class Attendance and Evaluation of Student Performance Policy Revision 4-1-21

Senate Policy: 42-27, Class Attendance

Senate Policy: 44-25, Conflict Final Examinations

Senate Policy: 44-30, Non-final Examinations

Senate Policy: 44-35, Conflict of Non-final Examinations

Procedure: AAPP F-4, Conflict Non-final Examinations

Procedure: AAPP F-5, Evening Examinations

Procedure: R-4, Religious Observances

M-6: Joint Course Programs Policy Removed 3-4-21  
A-8: Status of Applicants Who Took College-level Courses During High School Policy Revision 3-4-21  
L-4: Completion of Degree Requirements at Other Institutions Policy Revision 3-4-21

Senate Policy:  82-00, Graduation Requirements

E-5: Credit by Transfer from Institutions of Higher Education Policy Revision 3-4-21

Senate Policy 42-82, Accredited U.S. Institutions

Senate Policy 42-84, Accredited Institutions Outside the United States

Senate Policy 42-86, Institutions That Are Not Regionally Accredited

R-5: Syllabus Policy Revision 1-7-21

Senate Policy:  47-20, Basis for Grades

Senate Policy:  43-00, Syllabus

Information on Syllabus Requirements and Sample Syllabus Statements