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A temporary hold may be placed on a student's registration under limited circumstances related to compliance with Senate Policies such as 39-80 (Completion of Enrollment) and AAPP D-4; 14-10 (Limitations to Enrollment as a Nondegree Student) and AAPP I-6; and 58-50 (Re-Enrollment as a Degree Candidate) and AAPP K-1.

College deans and administrative officers such as the Director of DUS also may authorize an ad hoc temporary registration hold under very limited circumstances, and when all other attempts to enforce college or DUS policies have failed, and a reasonable attempt has been made to contact the student to resolve the continuing issue. A temporary registration hold can have unintended consequences, such as the loss of the ability to take a course in a timely manner or a delayed opportunity to complete a prerequisite necessary to a future course registration. As a result, deans are urged to take due care in the authorization of ad hoc holds.

Temporary holds initiated by the colleges or DUS may be entered on the ISIS ARUSH screen by a college's authorized operator.

In addition to the colleges and DUS, other administrative units have the authority to place temporary registration holds as follows:

Note that a student may be disenrolled from a college or major under Senate Policy 54-56 Drops by Colleges (AAPP I-5) "for failure to meet academic retention standards of the major or the college." Initiation of a drop action requires the use of the AAPPM I-5 procedure, rather than the assignment of a temporary registration hold. Authorized 54-56 college drop actions automatically prevent registration as a degree candidate until reinstatement to degree candidacy is granted.

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Approved: ACUI (10-20-77) 
Revised: Editorial (10-6-10) 
Revised: ACUE (4-5-12)