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P-4 Curricular Program Prospectus submission form. For assistance see the CIM site.

P-4 proposals are the basis of Administrative and University Faculty Senate curricular approval and are used to close an academic program or minor from the university. These decisions may be made based on enrollment trends, resources, or disciplinary needs. If a major or minor is undergoing substantial curricular revision and a name change, a P-4 should be used to close the existing major or minor and a P-1 should be used to initiate a new major or minor.

P-4 Review and Approval Process

The process for closing an academic program or minor at colleges and campuses should begin in the academic unit and adhere to the processes required by that unit. Once unit approval is obtained, the steps listed below may be taken. Proposal approval times may vary based on unit requirements, consultation, and committee meeting schedules; therefore, these steps should be initiated at least one year in advance of the desired changes.

P-4 Proposal Elements

After the P-4 prospectus has been discussed at ACUE, a memo will be issued from the Office of Undergraduate Education authorizing the P-4 proposal process to begin. The P-4 proposal must include the following:

  1. A brief definition of the proposal and its rationale, including the objectives that the proposal will address and/or problems that the proposal will solve. Indicate curricular implications, faculty affected, and enrollment implications.
  2. Relationships between the proposed change and other University programs and functions, including the general education function.
  3. Anticipated impact on all University locations.
  4. Disciplinary community and administrative consultation.
  5. If applicable, indicate how promotion and tenure will be addressed.
  6. Indicate a timetable for the proposal.
  7. Indicate whether the proposal will have implications for certification, licensure, etc.

NOTE: This procedure is used for complete program closure from University offerings. If a program is to be discontinued only at particular locations, procedures in Section P-3 should be followed. The placement of a hold on entrance to a major is viewed as the initial action in academic program discontinuation or closure and must be accompanied by a formal request from the college associate dean to the Vice President and Dean for Undergraduate Education.

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