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Procedure Categories

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Procedure Categories
Category Arrows point up and down to show that this column is able to be sorted. Procedure Code Arrow graphic indicating that this column can be sorted.
Admissions A-1 to A-11
Advising B-1 to B-6
Course Schedule C-1 to C-7
Academic College, Major, and Campus D-1 to D-5
Acquisition of Credit E-2 - E-12
Examinations F-2 to F-5
Grades G-1 to G-11
Grade Point Average H-2 to H-3
Drop Actions, Reinstatement I-1 to I-6
Withdrawal, Leave of Absence J-1 to J-3
Re-Enrollment K-1 to K-2
Graduation Requirements L-2 to L-13
Degree Programs, Options, Other Programs M-3 to M-12
Records N-1 to N-6
Procedure for Graduation O-1 to O-6
Undergraduate Curricular Procedures P-1 to P-14
Miscellaneous R-1 to R-7