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Invest in the Future. Contribute to Excellence.

From orientation programs to scholarship support to involvement in research, the services provided by Undergraduate Education engage students in learning on campus and in communities around the world. With your support, students have the freedom to explore and take advantage of these opportunities as they strive to become responsible leaders. If you are interested in making an impact today, please consider contributing to the current opportunities in Undergraduate Education listed here. If you are interested in establishing a lasting legacy through philanthropy with a new opportunity, please contact Kimberly Neely, Director of Development for University Programs, at, or 8814-865-6533.

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Undegraduate Education Programs and Strategic Priorities

View the Undergraduate Education Programs and Strategic Priorities Booklet



Undergraduate Education Future Fund

To celebrate a new era of rapid change and global connections, the University has begun A Greater Penn State for 21st Century Excellencea fast-paced campaign focused on the three key imperatives of a public university. Private support will keep the door to higher education open and enable students to graduate on time and on track to success; create transformative experiences on Penn State campuses and around the globe that tap the full potential of Penn Staters to make a difference; and impact the world through discovery, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

The Office of Penn State Undergraduate Education, occupies a unique position within the University that allows leadership to see synergies and needs across University-wide programs. This vantage point offers an opportunity to support students in a way that will have the largest, positive impact to those in need. Through the Undergraduate Education Future Fund, support can be directed where it is needed most.

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Undergraduate Micro-Scholarships

Keeping Penn State accessible for students from every economic background has long been a chief institutional priority for our University. A new approach focuses on a micro-scholarship program, which provides opportunities for high school students to earn scholarship dollars toward their college education by successfully completing specific academic and co-curricular requirements set by the University.

Penn State’s micro-scholarship program is offered through, a San Francisco-based start-up with Pennsylvania roots. Gifts will be used to directly support student micro-scholarships. While Penn State provides funding, gifts through private philanthropy will increase the impact of these scholarships by making more available to students.

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The Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) trains undergraduate students to become commissioned officers in the United States Armed Forces. Students may receive a competitive, merit-based scholarship, covering all or part of their college tuition and fees.

In addition, there are specific military scholarships dedicated to supporting students who demonstrate leadership skills and a commitment to excellence. If you would like to add to these existing funds to enhance the experience of our ROTC students, please click below to learn more.

Program Support

  • Naval ROTC - unrestricted programmatic fund to support the activities of the Penn State Naval ROTC Program
  • Air Force ROTC - unrestricted programmatic fund to support the activities of the Penn State Air Force ROTC Program
  • Army ROTC - unrestricted programmatic fund to support the activities of the Penn State Army ROTC Program
  • ROTC Opportunity Fund - unrestricted programmatic fund to support the overall activities of the Penn State ROTC Program


Scholarship Support

  • Bell Marine Leadership - a fund established in memory of Second Lieutenant Darren M. Bell '87 to provide financial assistance to outstanding students enrolled as Marine Options in the NROTC Program
  • Captain Sam Schultz Memorial Award - an award established in memory of Marine Capt. Samuel A. Schultz '12 to benefit top-performing midshipmen in the NROTC program.
  • Colonels Tedesco Army ROTC Scholarship - an endowment to support undergraduate students enrolled or planning to enroll in the Army ROTC program
  • Gantt Navy Leadership - an award established to recognize outstanding students enrolled as Navy Options in the NROTC program with the presentation of a Naval Officer's sword
  • McCombie Award - an award established in memory of Brandan McCombie to help off-set any college/living-related expenses incurred by the individuals of the NROTC Battalion of Midshipmen leadership
  • McCombie Endowment - an endowment to support the morale, welfare, and recreation (MWR) activities for the Naval ROTC program
  • Penn State Air Force ROTC Alumni Award - an award established by alumni and friends of the Air Force ROTC Detachment 720 to support an Air Force FOTC cadet who displays the ideals of patriotism, devotion to duty, self-sacrifice, personal accountability, and the Air Force Core Values in his/her personal life
  • Penn State Military Student Fund - a non-endowed fund that is promoted during Military Appreciation Week to support students at Penn State World Campus, non-traditional students, military students, or students enrolled in the ROTC program
  • Semper Fi Fallen Marine Award - an award in memory of Sam Griffith and Todd Siebert for a senior in good standing in the Naval ROTC program who is pursuing an officer's commission in the United State Marine Corps
  • Starner Memorial Scholarship - an annually-funded scholarship to military-affiliated students in the College of Liberal Arts



Student Engagement Fund

The Student Engagement Network (SEN) is Penn State’s commitment to making out-of-classroom learning through internships, study abroad, volunteer service, and research, a central part of the undergraduate experience. The SEN is operated in partnership with Student Affairs.

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Erickson Discovery Grant Program

The Erickson Discovery Grant Program supports undergraduate student engagement in original research, scholarship, and creative work under the direct supervision of a faculty member.

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Lion LaunchPad

Lion LaunchPad is a business accelerator program created to help student entrepreneurs turn innovative product and service concepts into viable startup companies. Lion LaunchPad is part of Penn State’s support of students in all majors who want to develop a stronger entrepreneurial mindset.

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Division of Undergraduate Studies

For students who want to explore the University's academic offerings before deciding on a field of study and for students in transition from one college or major to another. The Division of Undergraduate Studies encourages students to meet their academic potentials through well-informed educational planning, as well as through meaningful experiences such as internships, education abroad, public scholarship, research, and student organizations.

DUS scholarships enrich students' educational experiences and are awarded on the basis of academic achievement, participation in University and community activities, and essay submissions.

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Penn State Learning

Penn State Learning offers tutoring services in hundreds of courses across the undergraduate curriculum at no additional cost to students. These services are enhanced by gifts that make it possible for the 150 undergraduate peer tutors and study group leaders to receive advanced training and to attend and present at regional, national, and international conferences.

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Student Orientation and Transition Programs

Student Orientation and Transition Programs (SOTP) provides a comprehensive learning experience for every Penn State undergraduate student in support of a successful academic, social, and personal transition to the University. These scholarships go towards enhancing programs and supporting the student leaders who volunteer their time throughout the academic year and are employed throughout the summer to assist new students, parents, and family members transition to Penn State.

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