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The University Faculty Senate approved revisions to Senate Policy 34-60 (see the legislative report). To implement these changes, the Administrative Council on Undergraduate Education (ACUE) approved revisions to AAPP C-5. The new procedures will become effective Fall 2016. Revised C-5 

Faculty, or others designated by the academic unit in which their courses are offered, should review class enrollment lists at their earliest convenience to identify students who should be dis-enrolled and to alert the unit's associate dean or the dean's designated staff member that dis-enrollment steps must be implemented.

A student may be dis-enrolled from a course for which he or she has not completed the listed prerequisites, or has not registered for a course that must be taken concurrently, or has previously taken the course for credit and completed it with a grade of C or higher.

A student must immediately be notified in writing by the academic unit in which the course resides that she or he is being dis-enrolled, preferably with sufficient time for the student to enroll in an alternate course. Dis-enrollment must take place during the regular drop/add period of the semester.

Senate Policy:  34-58, Course Availability

Senate Policy:  34-60, Prerequisites and Concurrent Courses

Revised: ACUE (3-4-99)
Revised: ACUE (4-7-05)
Revised: ACUE (10-4-12)