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College Pre-major Designation and Initial Campus Assignment

  1. First-semester baccalaureate and associate degree candidates admitted to the University will be assigned to a campus only if that campus can provide at least two semesters of normal academic progress toward the baccalaureate or associate degree program selected by the student.
  2. Regardless of campus, first-semester baccalaureate degree candidates are normally admitted into a college or the Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS), assigned a college pre-major designation code, and enroll in course work consistent with normal academic progress for the academic majors in that college.
  3. A student is expected to remain at his/her campus of admission until he/she achieves fifth semester standing. At this point, a baccalaureate degree candidate may have to change to a University campus that is authorized to deliver his/her major.
  4. The dean for each college is responsible for establishing advising procedures to accomplish each of the following objectives:
    1. Inform each baccalaureate degree candidate in the college of the policies and procedures governing relocation to another campus.
    2. Identify the course requirements to maintain normal academic progress for the student’s intended major.
    3. Identify the probable semester of relocation for a student based on intended major.
    4. Assure that relocation does occur consistent with the current course requirements of a student’s major or intended major, the student’s actual course experience, and the planned course offerings of the campus over the next several semesters.
  5. Continuing students may enroll at any campus during the summer session. However, this will not change their regularly assigned campus for the fall semester.
  6. First-year students who have a summer offer of admission must enroll for a minimum of six credits at the campus to which they have been admitted.

Senate Policy:  37-30, Entrance to and Changes in Major Programs of Study

Undergraduate Advising

Approved: ACUE (1-8-98)
Approved: ACUE (10-6-05)
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Revised: ACUE (1-7-10)
Revised: ACUE (5-6-10)
Revised: Editorial (4-22-11)
Approved: ACUE (11-5-15); Effective Fall 2016
Revised: ACUE (3-1-17)