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A student interested in receiving credit for educational experiences in the armed services (such as Formal Military School Courses, Military Occupational Specialty, Basic or Physical Training, DANTES, DSST, or USAFI) must submit an official Department of Defense record of military service.

The student should submit to the Undergraduate Admissions Office, electronically or in hard copy, an official Joint Services Transcript, an official Community College of the Air Force- Air University transcript, or an official Department of Defense record of military service. Submission instructions are available at the Undergraduate Admissions Office website.

If faculty have determined credits for basic training, DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST), and select other trainings, those credits will be added to the student's record by the Undergraduate Admissions Office. (Ref: Senate Policy 42-98)

If the educational experience does not have a prior evaluation by the faculty disciplinary committee, the Undergraduate Admissions Office will facilitate a review using A Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services, published by the American Council on Education. The faculty in the discipline are responsible for evaluating the documentation and deciding the quantity and type of credit to be awarded. Not all credits added to the record may be used to meet degree requirements. The college with academic authority for the student's program of study determines how credits may apply to the student's program. Students should discuss the details with their academic adviser.

Credit is granted only to enrolled degree-seeking students or those who have been approved to re-enroll in a degree-seeking program. Credits will not appear on the student's official transcript until the student has completed a credit-bearing course at Penn State. Students must meet residency requirements as outlined in Senate Policy 83-80.

Approved: ACUI (4-29-76)
Revised: ACAS (1-15-88)
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