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Undergraduate students who consistently achieve academic excellence are named to the Dean's List in accordance with the following full-time and part-time enrollment criteria: 

1. Criteria for Full-time Students

Achievement of a one-semester grade point average of 3.50 or above for enrollment in a course load of 12 or more credits.

2. Criteria for Part-time Students

Students enrolled for fewer than 12 credits each semester for two or more consecutive semesters are considered part-time students for purposes of Dean's List recognition. Appointment to the Dean's List is made when:

  1. A minimum total of 12 credits are completed; and,
  2. Grades in the courses across these combined semesters result in a grade point average of 3.50 or higher. 

Dean's List status for part-time students is recorded on the most recently completed semester during which all cumulative criteria were met. Once awarded, the calculation for additional recognition begins anew.

For All Students:

3. In all cases, Satisfactory-Unsatisfactory courses and Audit courses are not included in the determination of grade point average or credit load.

4. A list of students eligible for appointment to the Dean's List will be provided by the Registrar each semester to each college and to the Division of Undergraduate Studies.

5. A Dean's List notation for the appropriate semester will appear on the student's grade report and on the student's academic record.

6. A student found in violation of academic integrity is ineligible for appointment to the Dean's List for the semester or, for part-time students, the 12-credit cumulative period, during which the violation occurred.

Undergraduate Advising

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