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  1. When grade reporting is accomplished, any grade point deficiency and averages are computed ignoring courses for which no grades have been assigned and deferred grades. The grade report will be annotated to indicate that computations are based on incomplete data.
    1. If drop action is warranted in accordance with Senate Policies 10-00, 54-52 or 54-54, both the grade report and the academic record will be noted to that effect. In addition, the University Registrar will notify the student by letter that he/she is dropped for academic deficiency as a provisional student or degree candidate.
    2. If drop action is not warranted but the student has a grade point deficiency, only the grade report will be annotated with "Warning" to notify the student that he/she is failing to meet the 2.00 minimum cumulative grade point average needed for graduation.
  2. When the academic record is updated each semester, the summary section containing the semester and cumulative grade point averages will be computed ignoring courses with no grades and/or deferred grades. The line(s) containing incomplete data will be coded with an INCP in the semester column to indicate that computations were based on incomplete data.
  3. Lists of students, class rankings, etc. prepared for internal use will be prepared using averages based on knowns (no grades/deferred grades being ignored). Such information will be annotated to inform the reader that the averages for certain students are based on incomplete data. Dean's List will not be awarded if NG or DF symbols exist.

NOTE: Grade point deficiencies are computed in accordance with Senate Policy 51-70.

Senate Policy:  51-70, Grade-Point Deficiency

Approved: ACUI (110-20-75)
Effective: Summer Term 1975
Revised: ACUI (9-13-79)
Revised: ACUI (5-19-83)
Revised: Editorial (3-13-12)
Policy Deleted: Fall 2016