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Procedure: Failure to Meet Academic Retention Standards

To require a student to disenroll from a college or major under Senate Policy 54-56.1, a college dean shall provide in writing a notice to the student that such action is pending, to be executed effective at the beginning of the next semester. The Division of Undergraduate Studies will be informed when such notice is given. The student should be strongly encouraged to consult with his or her adviser and with the Division of Undergraduate Studies regarding possible transfer to the Division or to another major.

The student may process a Change of Major form to accomplish a transfer of enrollment to another academic program or to the Division of Undergraduate Studies, subject to the provisions of Senate Policy 37-30.

Effective at the beginning of the next semester after appropriate notice to the student (under Policy 54-56.1), the college dean may place an academic administrative hold on the registration of the student in the college. The hold will prevent the student from registering as a degree candidate in the college during that semester or after. The hold to register as a degree candidate would be removed if the student has successfully processed a Change of Major form. The hold would not prevent the student from enrolling during that semester as a nondegree student. After one semester of no enrollment as a degree candidate under the administrative hold, the student's status would change to that of withdrawn from degree candidacy. If later the student wished to be re-enrolled to degree candidacy under Senate Policy 58-00, the student would not be re-enrolled to the college from which he or she had been disenrolled under Policy 54-56.1 without certification by the college dean that the student has satisfied all admission and entrance to major requirements. (Ref: Senate Policy 54-56.1)

Students Not Adapted to Work in the College

The faculty of a college through its advising system should periodically review and evaluate the performance of the undergraduate degree candidates.

If the performance of a degree candidate is considered to be below standards and the candidate is not adapted to the work of the college, the candidate will be counseled and informed by letter of any deficiencies. The candidate will be given at least one semester after receipt of the letter to remove deficiencies or show that he or she has adapted to the work of the college. If, after one or more semesters the student's performance has not improved, the college dean may recommend to the President that the student be dropped as a degree candidate.

The recommendation to the President is forwarded to the Vice President and Dean for Undergraduate Education. The recommendation should include a transcript, copies of any letters sent to the student, and a summary of counseling sessions.

In order to control registration, billing, etc., drops by colleges are expected to occur only at the end of a semester in accordance with an announced deadline. The deadline is normally 24 hours after the final examination period ends. (Ref: Senate Policy 54-56.2)

Senate Policy:  54-56, Drops by Colleges

Approved: ACUI (9-13-79)
Revised: ACUI (5-19-83)
Revised: ACUE (9-26-96)
Revised: Editorial (3-13-12)