Can I Kiss You? with Mike Domitrz

UE Unit: 
Welcome Week
When it comes to intimacy and sex on college campuses, how do you know how far your partner really wants to go? When it comes to intimacy, how do you let your partner know what you want without being too subtle, too bossy, or the mistake of just ‘going for it’? As a critically acclaimed author and the Founder of The Center for Respect, Mike Domitrz will reveal a fun, realistic approach to intimacy. You will discover the exact words to say; how to precisely handle if someone says 'No” to you; and an amazing way for you to impact others’ lives. The “Can I Kiss You?” one-person show is continually one of the highest attended events on college campuses across the country. In this live show, you will discover how to ask for what you want sexually or intimately - without having to play any of the games. A fun and revolutionary approach to insuring each person's boundaries are respected will be revealed. Be prepared to laugh until you cry in this interactive, hard-hitting performance where the audience is a vital part of the experience. Plus, you can win the highly sought-after “Want Some Action?” and “Can I Kiss You?” t-shirts to wear around campus or the next time you go out.