Undergraduate Research and Fellowships Mentoring Office

Undergraduate Research and Fellowships Mentoring aims to spark personal reflection and professional growth in undergraduates by encouraging students to engage in undergraduate research and pursue national or international fellowships. Penn State students leverage these experiences to attend graduate school, join the scholarly community, become educators, contribute to business and industry, and more.

Key responsibilities of this office include:

  • help students discover research and fellowship opportunities that match their goals and interests
  • run workshops to help students build skills related to participating in research and/or applying to competitive funding opportunities
  • provide competitive funding for students to complete undergraduate research experiences
  • educate students about all aspects of the research process, from selecting a project to presenting their findings
  • support the Office of the Vice Provost and Dean by providing opportunities for students to present their research findings to their Penn State peers and support students in traveling to conferences to share their work with the broader scholarly community¬†
  • advise students through the entire fellowship application process, from selecting appropriate opportunities to putting together competitive materials¬†