Mission and Strategic Priorities

Welcome to Penn State Undergraduate Education!

The fourteen diverse units that comprise Undergraduate Education (UE) are united in our mission to collaboratively create a Penn State academic environment that supports the success of all undergraduate students. We know that students take different paths to begin and complete their Penn State education and one of our strengths is the flexibility that we can provide our students through the development of robust institutional structures and pathways. As we strive to carry out this mission each day, we are guided by our 2020–2025 Strategic Plan, which was developed collaboratively by a group of UE leadership and staff and reflects our shared values and priorities.

Our mission communicates what we are striving for, and the three overarching goals within the Strategic Plan outline how we can best advance this mission over the next five years:

  • Goal 1: Improve success of minoritized and marginalized students, thereby having a positive effect on all students
  • Goal 2: Foster institution-wide connection and collaboration
  • Goal 3: Prioritize and model student-centeredness, equity, diversity, inclusion, and transparency in our work

These goals are ambitious, but our UE team and our partners across the University are talented, determined and committed to making each a reality. By achieving the vision laid out in our Strategic Plan, we can fulfill Penn State’s historic commitment as a land-grant institution to serving students from every background while also preparing students to thrive within a diverse, global, twenty-first-century society.

Whether you are a student, parent, faculty or staff member, donor, or friend to Penn State, thank you for taking the time to learn more about Undergraduate Education. I hope you are inspired by the important work we have ahead of us!