The Office for Summer Session works with Penn State colleges to expand opportunities for students and to develop creative offerings for summer study. The office provides students with the requisite information about summer session course offerings.

Key responsibilities of this office include:

  • coordinate the Learning Edge Academic Program (LEAP) for first-year students entering University Park in the summer
  • manage the Student Transitional Experiences Program (STEP) for change-of-campus students and summer programs for international students
  • make students aware of the many advantages of taking summer session courses including the opportunity to catch up on missed requirements or incomplete credits, focus on challenging classes, and receive individual attention in smaller classes
  • encourage students to stay on track, get ahead in their program, and graduate on time
  • manage the Summer Scholarship program, which provides $1.6 million in scholarship support to students across the institution who would benefit from a summer course, but have financial challenges to paying summer tuition¬†