Your Money Matters: Credit Cards

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Sokolov-Miller Family Financial and Life Skills Center

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Registration deadline:October 26, 2023

12:30 p.m.

Credit cards are powerful financial tools, especially for building a credit history. However, they may cause consumers to spend more than what is allowed in their budget. Credit cards can create the illusion of free money. Join Your Money Matters: Credit Cards to learn how to manage credit cards wisely to maintain financial health.

Used with permission and based on the Money Counts: A Financial Literacy Series program at the Sokolov-Miller Family Financial Center at Penn State University.

Registration is required to receive the link to access the webinar. Registrants will also receive access to the webinar recording.

Who is this for?

* Anyone interested in developing a healthier relationship with money, building a realistic spending plan, and working toward financial goals
* The general public and human services providers

What will you learn?

* Be able to list the types, as well as the pros and cons, of credit cards
* Become familiar with credit card billing statements
* Analyze relationships between credit card, credit report, credit history, and credit score (FICO)
* Recognize credit card danger signs